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Absence was a site specific work created for the home of Bea Crepain before an invited audience on 05/02/2011. The piece occupied the two main spaces in the building, one above the other and connected by a staircase; there were no interconnecting doors. The piece consisted of four tones of which only two would be sounded at any time except during the harmonic transitions when all four tones were simultaneously sounded. On top of this two tones were sung live by the two performers. The duration of the live performance was approximately half an hour. The live performance was in the downstairs space which had a dry accoustic. The live sound was routed through a reverb unit but the effect was not heard downstairs. The reverb was routed to the upstairs space which was already unusually reverberant. After the performance the reveberant sound continued to play in the upstairs space as an installation. The audience was invited to wander and socialise normally during the performance rather than occupying formal seating. It would not be possible to convey this piece as a documentary recording instead the recording on this CD is an analogue of the event. The dry sound is gradually mixed to the reverberant sound very simply as if one was walking through the space. No compression or EQ was used in the production of the recording. Many thanks to Bea Crepain for inviting us to create this work. www. thomas-wichers.com